Work With Me

I’m a developer, which means that I code websites – I don’t do any design in-house. My current focus is on full custom site projects in partnership with outside designers – usually freelancers or small agencies.

If you’ve got a different type of project, please know that it’s unlikely I’ll be able to fit it into my schedule. I’m happy to help with suggested designers or a referral to another developer, though!

Use the form below if you’d like more info or to request a quote. Or just to say hi!

If you’ve got questions, there’s some useful starter info below and on my FAQs page and blog.


August 2014

Preferred Content Management Systems

WordPress (blogs, info sites)
Shopify (e-commerce)

What does it cost?

My rates typically START at:
$1450 – blogs
$1650 – informational sites
$1800 – simple e-commerce (average e-commerce is ~$2500)
$120/hour – smaller projects or projects without a well-defined scope

Remember, this is for coding only – design is not included and will vary based on the designer you work with.

Terms & Conditions

I’m a little bit obsessed with my contract – I think it’s a nice balance between legal (important!) and readable. You can download a PDF preview version to see the terms I typically work under (and what I expect from my clients).

Please note that my contract and terms are subject to change, regardless of whether the sample has also been updated – what you sign is what you get, in other words.


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