What I'm Reading: Design Blogs

what i'm reading illustration by me

I am an avid reader of both books and blogs, and someone asked today which design blogs I read so I thought I’d share in a blog post that may just become a series.

I just checked and I’m currently subscribed to 90 blogs via Google Reader (it shows up as 93, but one is this blog so I can check out how the feed is looking and two are feeds of new fonts).

I’ve got them categorized into rough categories, but I don’t know why as I don’t read them that way – I usually skim through titles and selectively skim the posts themselves. Maybe I categorized because I subconsciously knew I’d be writing this post, wherein I’ll be sharing only the blogs in the “design” category (not to be confused with the “style” category, which includes home and personal style blogs).

Without further ado, some the design blogs I read regularly, along with a couple recent posts from each:

Design Instruct

Web Designer Depot

Vandelay Design Blog
  1. Thanks for posting this. I currently don’t read many design blogs at all and I’m a designer…(not cool). I’ll be sure to check these out.