Noted: Analytics Myths, Snazzy Maps and More

In this month’s roundups of semi-random things from around the internet, there’s what I think is a really nice mix between things that are beautiful and things that are useful. That kind of sums up my whole approach to everything, actually, so fitting that it’s the theme here as well.


I shared it a bunch on Twitter when it was first published, but I really want everyone to read this article on Google Analytics myths from Skillcrush’s blog. I wish they’d included linked references to the details on each myth in the Google documentation but they aren’t to hard to find once you know what you’re looking for if you want more information. For example, here’s Google’s resource page on time on site, which is well written and interesting.


For the designers out there, Social Kit is a nice little free Photoshop plugin that provides on-demand templates for various social media site assets (such as Twitter and Facebook cover images). Hooray for never needing to look up dimensions again!

Social Kit social media ui template free photoshop plugin

Social Kit


I think on-demand technical/ coding help is a really interesting concept, so I’ll be interested to see how Hackhands (the sibling to the tool of the same name mentioned in the last bookmarks post) plays out. According to the website, the platform:

“instantly connects developers with a verified network of expert programmers at the click of a button.”


When you need to figure out time zone conversions to connect with your new Hackhands buddy (or that client on the other side of the world), this is the tool for you. A quick, visual way to find out the time in every location, as compared to your local time (shows the current time, or you can select a particular time with the slider).

Every time zone online app for time zone conversions

Every Time Zone


One of my goals for this year is to improve my working knowledge of web accessibility. I’ll be referring to the well thought out WebAIM website, which has a lot of resources and information on making content accessible to people with disabilities.


The selection of Google Maps styles from Snazzy Maps mixes beauty and code – the various schemes are implemented in custom maps builds via javascript.

Snazzy Maps collection of Google Maps styling schemes

Snazzy Maps

What’s caught your eye online lately?

  1. Beverly

    Thanks for the great tips!
    I think #1 is from Skillcrush, not Skillshare. I mix those two all the time.

    • Zoe

      Oops, thanks – I’ve updated that! I have a mental block on that one, I type the wrong one regularly.

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