Free Herb Recipe Cards Printable

Herb Recipe Cards

I like to think the list of things I’m truly terrible at is pretty short. Up near the top, though, is gardening. Every year when spring hits, I suddenly want to rush out and fill my yard with plants. I’m jealous of my neighbors raised beds and veggie plots.

So this year, rather than buying a bunch of plants (which is essentially condemning them to death), I cut some cute potted herb stamps inspired by the kitchen garden I wish I had.

Herb Recipe Cards

One day I will figure out the real thing, but for now here are some simple 4 x 6″ printable recipe cards featuring my stamped images, which I scanned for this printable. They’re done one card per page of the PDF, so you’ll need a printer that can handle 4 x 6″ borderless printing (most home printers that can handle photos can do this) – I use blank index cards for mine.¬†Enjoy!

PS: I’ve got another freebie featuring these stamps coming down the line next week, but it will only be available via my email list. Sign up by entering your email in the sidebar!

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  1. OK, now I am going to have to post about these tomorrow…look for the link.



  2. Erika

    Zoe, your are hilarious! Last year I was determined to have a garden of veggies and herbs in our backyard. I think I hoped I would somehow morph into Farmer Erika.