Small Business Record Keeping Spreadsheet {for Mac}

Update #2

As of 12:10pm on January 7, I’ve updated the download file so that it contains both the 2011 and 2012 versions of the spreadsheet.


Rena Tom in all her awesomeness noticed a few little glitches/ things I should clarify. The spreadsheet currently available for download calculates correctly for 2011 expenses. To have your profit and loss summarize from the quarterly page, you need to be sure each line item on the quarterly page includes date, amount, and a category in the last column. I know the table headers say 2012 – that’s an error, those should still say 2011 – the version you can download now has been updated to fix that.

I’ll post a shiny updated 2012 version as soon as I have a chance!

A hot resolution for small business owners is always to “get the books in order,” if not for January 1st, then when tax time rolls around. Around this time last year, I was trying to compile tax info and beating myself up for not keeping up with my records in real time. After all, spending a whole day entering financial info is few people’s idea of fun (certainly not mine).

I happen to be pretty proficient with spreadsheet software (not a talent I like to brag about since it makes me sound even nerdier than “web development” already does), so I dove through some online accounting programs that I’m too cheap to pay for/ had “features” that didn’t work for me and put together my own hybrid project management & bookkeeping mega-spreadsheet.

You can download it in Apple Numbers format for free, but I cannot get it to convert to Excel in a way that keeps it functional so my Windows friends, you are out of luck. [Update: I used to think I might have time to create an Excel version but that’s just not in the cards. Sorry, non-Mac-users! If you know someone who has the skills to convert it for Excel, feel free to have them do so.]

Very Important Note: I’m not making any promises about calculations or tax info contained in this spreadsheet. By downloading it, you’re agreeing that I hold no responsibility for any errors in your accounting, fees that you incur, or tax errors or issues that occur as a result of using this spreadsheet. Use it 100% at your own risk.

updated 1/7 at 12:10pm EST

Because I live to be helpful (that’s only a little bit sarcastic, and mostly it’s true), I also created a 15 minute video of me talking (really fast as usual, sorry) through how I personally use this spreadsheet.

Please Note: You are welcome to use this for your business, but you may not sell the spreadsheet itself. I’d love for you to spread the word and share this on your site, but please give credit and link back here rather than providing a direct download link elsewhere.