Sometimes things seem bigger than they are from the oustide, but Zoe Rooney Web Development is really still a teeny tiny (but growing!) shop run primarily out of my home. Keep reading for a little bit about the people behind the code, or check out my FAQs page for more general info.


My name is Zoe. Spelled just like that, nothing fancy like umlauts or extra vowels or anything. No Y either. It’s pronounced “zoh-ee.”

Other than being a front-end developer and business owner, I’m (in no particular order):

  • Mom to two small boys (and two black kittens, and a very large dog, now blind in his old age)
  • Married to a part-time bartender and full-time dad (he wrangles the aforementioned boys while I work all day)
  • Former art student, teacher of children, teacher of teachers & writer of training materials for teachers
  • Avid Tweeter & sporadic Pinner
  • Not a music person, nor much of a movie person
  • Definitely a color and pattern person, but also sometimes a minimalist

If you contact me and/or we work on a project together, you may also encounter one or more of my three wonderful part-time employees:

Marina, my original employee, has turned developer. That means you’ll see less of her over general email. In addition to building websites, she makes stained glass art and windows, which I’m pretty sure is the coolest thing ever.

Kim has just joined the team as a developer. She brings a lot of initiative and drive to the table, along with better javascript & jQuery skills than I’ll ever have.

Brianne is in charge of many administrative & project-related tasks. In addition to keeping me organized and sane, Brianne is helping me build my business both locally (via a potential intern program, among other cool community-focused initiatives) and more widely. She’s also in the process of starting up her own paper goods design studio.

Site Credits:

This site was designed by Meg Lewis from Ghostly Ferns

No text-as-an-image here! The following web fonts are used on this site: Serific (my name up top), Novecento (headers, labels, etc.), Lato (the primary body copy), and Gyant (links, some headers)

The icons (except social media) are from Font Awesome

The socia media icons in the footer are from the Entypo pictogram set by Daniel Bruce

There are a few different jQuery plugins in use on various pages, including: Filtrify, fancyBox, Quicksearch, Tooltipster

For more of my favorite resources, check out my Bookmarks page.